Course Map

General maps of the east and west sides of Crane Wildlife Management Area can be found on The 300 Committee’s website:

The course map for the races is available to download:

Course map on USGS topo base map. The 5K loop is in red and yellow stripe. The 10K loop includes the 5K loop, excluding the cut-through before Record Road, and continues as the larger loop in red. Both are run couterclockwise. Mile markers are shown in circles. The 0.7-mile loop (half marathon) and 1.4-mile loop (full marathon) are in blue.

Cape Cod Trail Race Course Map 2018

Course Descriptions

The course consists of three loops: a 10K loop (red on map) through fields and forests on trails that are 60% doubletrack and 40% singletrack, and 0.7/1.4 mile doubletrack loops (blue dotted on map) though fields. 10K runners will start at 8:00 am and do the 10K loop once. 50K runners will also start at 8:00 am and do the 10K loop five times. Half-marathoners will start at 8:10 am, begin with the 0.7 mile loop and finish with two 10K loops. Marathoners will start at 8:30 am, begin with the 1.4 mile loop and finish with four 10K loops. 5K runners will start out on the 10K course at 1:30 pm, but will shortcut the 10K loop at about 1.4 miles (see map). All half-marathon, marathon, and 50K runners must start their last 10K loop by 2:15 pm. All runners must finish by 4:00 pm, when the course closes.

The footing on the course is mostly smooth trail, but there are some rutted, rooted, and rocky sections. There are a few boulders that must be hopped or dodged, and there are some short but steep uphills and downhills. The cumulative elevation gain on the 10K loop is about 486 feet (same for elevation loss), the 5K course has about 146 feet of gain, and the 0.7/1.4 mile loops are nearly flat. The course will be well-marked with signs and flagging. There will be water, electrolytes, and trail food at the start/finish line and two aid stations on the 10K loop at miles 1.5 and 4.5.